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Article: Why We Exist - Reign Studio | Fuller Bust Swimwear and Essentials

Mixed race girl in red bikini

Why We Exist - Reign Studio | Fuller Bust Swimwear and Essentials

As F+ women we understand how traumatic swimwear shopping can be. So, we are here to help find swimwear that will adorn those curves!

• This is a granny print and underwire free zone. We know you want on-trend yet timeless swimwear so that's what we'll get. No one needs to be stabbed with underwire whilst lounging on the beach so we have developed swimwear with elasticated and adjustable straps to help give you adequate support that does not compromise your comfort.

• We have simplified our sizing to make swimwear shopping accessible and easy. Don't think less of us because we've made things easy, rest assured that there will be no surprises and it will fit! Check out our sizing chart. 

• All our pieces are modeled by F+ women so don’t worry, what you see is what you’ll get.


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Mixed race girl in swimwear in pool

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