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Article: 5 Places To Get A Virtual Bra Fitting

5 Places To Get A Virtual Bra Fitting

5 Places To Get A Virtual Bra Fitting

There’s nothing worse than having bra’s and bralettes that just won’t sit right on your bust! It’s uncomfortable, annoying and can actually be a pretty big mood killer, especially if you’re having to wear one everyday! Knowing why they don’t fit you properly can also be a tricky problem to crack, because there’s a number of reasons! It could be that you’re wearing the wrong size, or style of bra, it could be that the straps aren’t working in your favour, and don’t forget; our boob size fluctuates with weight gain or loss so keeping tabs on what size our boobs are can be hard! There’s not enough hours in the day.  What’s worse is that whilst we’re still in lockdown, we don’t have the luxury of popping to get a bra fitting! 

Luckily for us, some of our favourite lingerie and loungewear brands are offering virtual bra fitting services during lockdown and are on hand to answer any boob and bra questions we may have, as well as provide advice on the size and style bra we should be wearing to ensure maximum comfort. 


Pour Moi

Stocking a large range of lingerie in a 30A to a 44J, Pour Moi are offering free virtual fittings, as well as a 20% discount off your next appointment! The fittings will take place over the phone or video call, whatever makes you comfortable. The 20% offer is valid until 4th April 2021. 

Book your fitting here:



The Mish team are self-confessed “boob aficionados, masters of their game, proud bastions of the bra industry.” They are offering 30 minute virtual appointments, as well as 15 minute follow up fit to ensure you’re feeling more confident and comfortable in your new bra size. Mish stocks 28DD - 44F.

Book a Mish fitting using this link:



Promising to provide that fitting room feeling in the comfort of your own home, Bravissimo are now taking bookings for their virtual bra fitting appointments via video call. Stocking 28D - 40L, Bravissimo offers an amazing selection of bra’s and bralettes in different styles and colours!

Treat yourself to a virtual fitting here:


Sarah C

Lingerie fitting and styling service Sarah C understand first hand how frustrating and confusing the world of bra and bralette shopping can be, so she has tailored a fitting service that promises to help you understand your size, take the stress out of bra shopping and save your time and money, as well as personalised tips to help you know what to look out for when the time comes to browse again in stores!

Get seen by the expert here:


Bra Stop

Bra Stop’s mission is to make their customers feel fabulous in their curves, and their virtual bra fitting consultation is no different! They take into account the cups, band and straps and see where there is room for improvement to make sure you feel comfortable, confident and fabulous!

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