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Article: Which type of bra is best for a heavy bust?

Which type of bra is best for a heavy bust?

Which type of bra is best for a heavy bust?

Finding the perfect bra can be a struggle, but it's even trickier if you have heavy breasts. Not only is it hard to find bras and/or bralettes that are made in a wide range of cup and bust sizes, but to find the one that's comfortable, supportive, and flattering can feel next to impossible! And since bras for fuller busts can get pricey, you want to make sure you're investing in ones that'll last and that’s worth your money.

First thing’s first, a heavy bust needs a firm, yet supportive bra to support it. A bra that is specially made for a heavy bust has many elements that help lift and carry the bust. The absolute most important thing is how the bra fits around the back, the material of the bra, as well as the other bra properties. 

The back comes first:

The back provides most of the bra’s support for your bust, no matter how heavy. It’s therefore good to invest in a model with a wide and firm back with wide sides. The hook and eye fastening on the back should have at least three hooks vertically to allow you to comfortably fasten your bra to your satisfaction.The bra should fit tightly around the body for maximum support, though not so tightly that it is uncomfortable or leaves marks on your body. The wider the back the greater the support, and the less the bra will cut into you. Comfort is key! If you prefer a bra with lace, make sure the lace is not too thin or delicate. If it is very thin, it is good if the bra is lined for extra stability.


The key is in the cup!

The best cup for a heavy bust is a full cup as it catches and supports the whole bust and there is less feeling that the breasts are going to fall out when you lean forward or move frequently. So, choose a full cup for a safe and supported feel all day. The material is even more important when selecting your bra. Completely firm materials are not always that comfortable. Our bralettes are created from a cotton-modal blend, which ensures maximum support, comfort and a great feel on your skin. Another option would be to choose a cup with padding. This is personal preference and for some of the fuller busted ladies out there, in some cases this may feel uncomfortable, but for others who require and prefer extra volume, this is a great option. 


Choose a cup with lift and side support!

Some cups have separate lift support in the under cup that helps lift the bust. This also prevents the bust from stretching the cup downwards. There is a difference between lift and support. Support means that the bra is held tight against the body and there is thereby less ‘bounce’ when you move. Lift means that the bust is lifted up to give a nice silhouette and the bust doesn’t rest against your tummy making you warm and uncomfortable. Some bra’s will also feature elasticated underbust bands, which will increase the comfort level even further!

We don’t sell bras just yet, but if you’re looking fuller bust approved bralettes for your lazy days or to compliment a more relaxed look you will want to check out our collection. Our bralettes cater for women with an F-KK cup featuring thick adjustable straps to support a heavier bust, a wide underbust band for light lift in contemporary and fashionable styles. You can shop our bralettes here.

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