The Fuller Bust Women's Guide to Date Night Essentials

Planning a post lockdown date night or date night at home? Look no further. Whether it's a nerve-racking first date or a casual night at home with your long-term partner, you’ll want to plan for the occasion. 

Tip 1: Always plan ahead

Planning ahead always key to any successful date night, in or out. It helps us to feel as calm as possible and in control of the situation (even though we're probably sick with nerves) Be sure to schedule in a trip to a supermarket or boots a day or two before the date to pick up the essentials; it'll help make sure you're equipped for anything; from dinner right up to the goodnight kiss! (even if you are just at home, the details still count!)


Tip 2: A good playlist is key

Music sets the mood wherever you go. From those old school romantic classics, to the upbeat songs that you can bust a move to, choosing the right music will set the tone for an amazing evening. Make sure your playlist is ready ahead of time so you can click play and not have to worry about a song coming on that completely kills the mood. Include a good variety - the slower ones to enjoy during dinner and and the faster paced ones also, because, lets face it, an impromptu dance party is likely!


Tip 3: Approve the menu beforehand

No date night at home would be complete without the elite combo - also known as wine and cheese! (or if this isn't to your taste, find something else that tickles your tastebuds.) Set up a home happy hour to sip on before you dig into dinner.  Whipping up a meal together is a date night in itself, it's quality time together that can be rare to come by nowadays!


Tip 4: Extra-curriculars

Have some fun, after-dinner activities planned such as your favourite games or a movie. These are great ways to unwind from a busy week working from home. Whether it be a card or board game, comedy or horror, ending date night like this is the sweetest way and allows you to re-charge ready for a new week. 


And last but not least, don't forget the outfit! Our Reign Studio Maya or Chill With Me bralette tops make the perfect at home date night top option. Pair with some jeans if you're going for the more formal vibe, or with your favourite joggers if you're sticking with comfort. You can shop these here.