Discover the benefits of wearing wireless bras or bralettes whilst pregnant or nursing

Pregnancy is nothing short of magical. It is just amazing to experience the wonder that is the female body, beautifully transform to usher in new life. 

As you may already know as your belly grows with your little one so also do your breasts. Whether its is due to hormonal changes, increase in blood flow or your milk coming in your growing boobs may cause you a little discomfort. Wearing a wire-free bra/bralette during pregnancy or postpartum not only helps ease your personal comfort but also it benefits your breast health, engorgement, minimises blocked ducts, back pain, and the added strain on your ligaments.

In a wireless bralette, maternity bra or nursing bra your breast is able to expand more easily leaving you with much more breathing space than with a traditional underwired which are known to cause discomfort.

Our range of wireless bralettes here at Reign Studio are a stylish way to give your breasts some room to flourish. Offering you light support with our buttery soft cotton-modal blend material and 2.5 inch under bust band, our fuller bust approved designs are something you’ll want to try.