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Article: Best Bras For Your Breast Shape

fuller buist bralette

Best Bras For Your Breast Shape

There's plenty of factors to consider when you're on the hunt for the perfect bra! We know the struggle girl.

One of the most important things to consider is breast shape! Knowing which type of breast shape you are can be tricky as there's so many. It can be a little overwhelming! Check below for a diagram courtesy of The Third Love to see which one you are!

Asymmetric: When one breast is larger than the other 

Having breasts that are two different sizes might be more common you think! A T-shirt bra will help visually reduce the difference of sizes. The absence of seams and the full coverage will smooth the volume of the breast on a larger area, making the difference less noticeable.

Athletic: Wider, more muscular breasts 

Gaping in the breast cups is extremely common for ladies with Athletic Shapes. This is a result of a lack of volume on top. Experts recommend t-shirt styles which will allow your breasts to breathe whilst supporting you comfortably.

Bell Shape: Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom

An underwired full cup bra will give the support that the bottom of the breasts need, and the structure of the cup will lift the breasts to give some projection and more volume on top.

East West: Nipples facing outward in opposite directions

A contoured bra or an uplift plunge bra is ideal for giving shape and forward projection to the breasts. The angled cups help to gather and redirect your breasts to the front of your body and prevent overflow on the sides.

Round: Equally full at the top and the bottom

Round breasts work with most bra styles. The most important thing to consider here would be coverage. The best options—ranked in order from more coverage to less coverage—are T-shirt bras, balconette, and plunge styles.

Slender: Thinner breasts with Nipples pointing down

For slender breasts, we recommend any kind of support with an upward lift.  The T-shirt and Balconette bras will complement this shape nicely as it provides a significant amount of lift, support and coverage. 

Wide Set: Breasts with a wide shape between them

An uplift style would come in handy here as the lift will push the breasts upwards and closer together, enhancing your cleavage which is always a plus!

Tear Drop: Round, but slightly less full at the top

For this shape of breast, a Balconette bra is perfect for you to help even out the volume distribution in your breasts while also eliminating any cup gaping, whilst making them look fuller at the top.


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