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Article: 5 Problems Only Women With Big Boobs Understand

5 Problems Only Women With Big Boobs Understand

5 Problems Only Women With Big Boobs Understand

If you are a fuller busty gal, you'll be able to relate to this blog post! Everyone talks about how amazing it is to have a bigger bust (and it 100% is,) but sometimes there are a few problems that take the shine away a little, and if you don't have any fellow busty friend's around you, you might feel a little alone! But never fear, we're here to let you know that you're not! Here's a few issues that we face, sometimes on the daily! Get ready for a laugh because we're sure we can all relate to these #bigboobproblems.


1. Button Strain Is A Real Pain!

Pieces like a button up blouse just were not designed with us busty gals in mind. T-Shirts are our best friend, but what about formal occasions or office attire? Once in a while we might have to button up! Throughout the day we're always on button watch to see if one decides to ping off. We're CONSTANTLY on the lookout to check if we're gaping. Wearing a button up is a sport in itself! Don't worry though, "Fairlie Curved" offer a great solution to this! You can find them here:


2. Trying to control the bounce!

Exercise is never anyone's favourite activity but try adding big bust weight and playing tennis. Fun right? The iconic Baywatch run isn't all its cracked up to be, we'd actually rather run away from it. Pamela deserves a prize for her performance!

There's so many little tasks we do during the day when we're not wearing a sports bra that catches us out - like running to catch the tube, jumping from a surprise spider. How about back in the PE days when we had to hold our boobs on the cross country course of the 100 metres? It hurts otherwise, and the rest of the class could never understand why.

High impact bra's or bralette are the answer to our prayers, or another great alternative is a breast support band! We recommend this one:


3. Sore Back!

One thing we're sure of is that we deserve daily back rubs for carrying this load. As beautiful as it is, it can come with some aches and pains too. One thing we were always taught from a young age is "Belly in, chest out, shoulders back." But if you're self conscious about your bust then you'll automatically slouch, sometimes using your arms to cover your chest area. This can actually lead to a strain on your upper spine, or even permanent hunching! No thank you. 

If you're experiencing back pain, try over the counter pain killers designed for back and muscle aches, and if you have no luck, try consulting with a chiropractor  for some exercises which could ease the strain and pain. 



4. Secure yourself some peaceful sleep

Finding the the best sleep position for your girls can be tough, they move around, sneak out of your top and if you're not careful, they can smack you. So here are 3 quick fire tips to help you sleep peacefully. Whatever your preferred sleep position do it with a sleeping bra or soft cotton bralette. Keep the girls together nicely and insure your nights rest. Grab yourself a breast pillow, these perfectly sit between your breasts, preventing them from moving around and together too much.
We all know what a sore back feels like and this simple hack will relieve you of some of that pressure. Simple wedge a pillow behind your lower back for some extra support at night. And viola.... Sweet dreams, girl!


5. Free the boob? 

Remember that Instagram phase where everyone ditched their bra's, letting their girl's run free? Yeah we don't either, as that's not a reality we are too familiar with. Maybe one day though! 

If you have any #bigboobproblems you want to share, let us know!

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