4 Style Hacks For Bigger Busts

The big boob struggle is so real. Any woman that’s blessed in the bust department will tell you first hand that finding a dress, a bralette, or just a simple top that comfortably fits your top that has support and style isn't aways easy.  But saying that, you don’t have to be jealous of your B-cup mates any longer with our fuller-bust dress hacks!


Tip 1: Know Your Necklines

One of the original rules for busty girls was always ‘V neck good, round neck bad’. But whilst V necks are super flattering on larger busts, other styles such as round necks can also be an option! They key is try try try before you buy! We’re firm believers that “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”, and a little bit of cleavage can go a long way in drawing the eye down the body to even out your proportions.V-Neck's (that show off your cleavage) are your real friends when it comes to creating the illusion of a smaller bust.


Tip 2: Say Hello To Boob Friendly Statement Styles 

Don't be afraid of bolder pieces! If you think having bigger boobs means you can't wear prints or patterns... think again. With the right pieces and fabrics, you can get as playful or as flirty as you want! The key is to have a play around with what prints you feel comfortable in and explore from there!


3. Don't Waste Your Waist!

The key is to cinch it, not hide it! Take a note from our Big Bust Queen Ashley Graham and cinch your look at the waist with a corset, kimono, a belt or any tie-detail that tickles your fancy. Instant hourglass! Flaunt what your mother gave you and show off those amazing hips!



4. Find The Right Bra For You

There's no shame in going back to basics, finding the right bra takes time and attention! It can be a battle if you don't go in prepared - but just keep in mind that a bra for your bust should be comfortable, flattering and supportive. Steer clear of padding if you can, we find this can add discomfort and unnecessary strain on your busts! Comfort is key we say. A good bra should be one that covers the whole breast and gives your chest shape without giving it an additional boost (unless that's your preference). It’s important to invest in at least a few full-coverage options that will provide the most supportive base beneath all your outfits. Even if you are certain what size you are, it’s always a good idea to get measured by a fitting expert every time you purchase a new bra.